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Highly differentiated.

I reorganize ways for us to learn to live a higher consciousness, receive more awareness and cultivate more love for the total reclamation of our divine selves. 


I help people regenerate themselves by activating the consciousness of their own personal curriculum with a wide breadth of possibilities, capacities and therapies to unify the layers of self.


I am a force for learning, activation, healing, transformation  and integration, incorporating the lessons of our expanded awareness to generate an elevated frequency of freedom love and expression as ourselves. 

Where I live. I am many paths connected in the experiential wisdom of one.  Everything from oracle, griot hood, artistic and creative practices, healing practices, knowledge of self actualization, manifestation rituals, yogic disciplines, business married with compassion and connectivity in forms as facts presented in offerings for you.


I am an artist and yogini, cosmic consciousness & wisdom teacher who specializes in uplifting the divine through nourishing the soul--mine and that of actively differentiating humans on the path.


lifelong visual arts, movement, esoteric and spiritual study, writer, soul gatekeeper, truth teller, natural teacher and coach, matchmaker, 


redefining how we engage from an inner intelligence and expanding connection in our lives, soulfully


clarifying and amplifying the impact of self and all that impacts it--identity, self love, soul developing


create a creative sacred society and style our lives accordingly--systems, activations, network


expression through learning growing exploring documenting this life--cycle of connectivity, arts

signature areas & roles

soul conscious healing:

teacher facilitator tuning speaker host lifestyles consultant guide educator program author mentor


visual imaging & soul expressions:

photographer director producer designer illustrator editor imaging dancer model yogini explorer


aesthetic and soul of business:

cultural capital ideasmithing branding operations management psychology event producer writer 

areas of specialty

yogic science. practice and lifestyle. spiritual herbalism. vegan culinary. 90shiphop. jazz. meditation. soul. house. soul consciousness. sidereal astrology (jyotish). human design. archetypal. love. unity. film. writing.  

what I've curated in offering

custom tuning activations. programs. online courses. workshops. retreats. immersives. mentorship. visual branding & imaging. trainings. celebrations. ceremonies. special events. consultations. live music experiences. workbook. spiritual tools. film. media. sacred circle. exhibits. panels/speaking, hosting and appearances.

ways we can work together

book me (click now) as--consultant on retainer

hire me (proposal) as--tuner artist program author host appearance

join me (register/subscribe) for--events, retreats, talks, networks, email, social

learn with me (enroll) for--classes courses mentorship programs series

collab with me (proposal) as--org business healer artist working on an elevated project or offering

highlight me (contact) for-- press publications, interviews

who I do it/have done it for

groups: universities. organizations/organizers. festivals. retreats. couples

individuals: executives. artists. entrepreneurs. professors. creatives. healers. yogis.


self love. soul. expansion. healing. yoga. human design. sidereal astrology. consciousness. awareness. 5d. transformation. transmutation. connection, integration. creativity. expression. artistry. healing art. elevate. teacher. yogini. black yogis. strategy. artist., consultant. Chicago. Bali. lifestyling. sacredness. polymath. chakras. movement. dance. self actualization. dharma. love. therapy. visionary. black women. collaborator. free thought. 

proposals and contact

propose, follow, join, 

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