Sunrise, SUNDAY MARCH 22, 2020-

Sunrise, MONDAY MARCH 23, 2020


starting SUNDAY MARCH 22:



California/PST 7am

Chicago /CST 9am

New York/EST 10am



India 7:30pm

Thailand/Vietnam 9pm

Bali/Singapore/Manila 10pm

Japan/Korea 11pm

Melbourne/Sydney 1am

---Caribbean/South America---

Costa Rica 8am

Jamaica/Haiti/Cuba 9am

Columbia 9am

Puerto Rico 10am

Brazil/Chile 11am


Ghana 2pm

Nigeria 3pm

S.Africa/Rwanda/Egypt 4pm

Ethiopia/Kenya 5pm


UK/Spain 2pm

France/Germany/Amsterdam 3pm

"No sustained transformation can take place without going within, to experience our essential nature and allowing it to come forth to guide our lives."

~Kamau Abayomi, Visionary Creator of Black Divinity Meditation Day

Black Divinity Meditation Day is an annual global event, this year beginning at sunrise on Sunday March 22nd, asking black people to commit to at least 30 minutes of meditation and share the experience under the hashtag #blackdivinitymeditation and #blackpeoplemeditating.

In honor of Black Divinity Meditation Day, this year in light of public safety measures, the live public gathering has been canceled and we are inviting experienced and not yet practiced meditators to dive into the practice at home or wherever they feel led to meditate.  Spiritual guide and transformational healer Stacy Patrice is challenging the community to build up to a personal practice, meditating for at least an hour this day and share the experience on social. 

This year Black Divinity Meditation Day aligns with Stacy's 5th anniversary of offering free, robust, multidimensional wellness programming on the Southside of Chicago, in partnership with Rebuild Foundation.


We have explored dynamic breathwork, meditation, movement, chakras, sound healing, writing, vegan foods, talk therapy, ceremony, celebration and creation of collective works that give extended voice to the stories of this commUNITY.

If you have in any way been assisted, changed or transformed by these programs just join us in celebrating this beautiful milestone by adding practices to your meditation at home to be clear, accomplished and collected for all.