Soulcentric Sessions are  1-on-1  navigational guidance sessions for leaders to transform challenges, inspired by the soul perspective. A yoking of rewirings to align with the 5th dimension, guide you inward to nurture your sacred  world into tangible experiences and provide firsthand knowledge you can authentically share.


Weekly and every other weekly sessions are available to leaders who approach their creative consciousness responsibly and are willing to transform their personal understanding  joyously. Sessions are reserved quarterly utilizing 90 day cycles to dig into the impressions and habits you carry, exploring orientation and direction. This inevitably draws awareness toward what you see and seek and links the connections between those and the soul felt experiences.

Soulcentric Navigation understands your life as the oracle and guides you to experientially examine the elements of your life as a devoted practice, giving you back to yourself so you can make decisions from your soul space. Our lives are creation and the more time we spend practicing/knowing the intricacies of it with guidance, the more efficient for us to authentically lead in the things we wish to create.

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