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I am the embodiment of be who & do what, I love.

I am externally seen as a multi-hyphenate artist, freethinking mom, soul yogini, holistic healer, experiential educator and creative entrepreneur in soul healing consciousness. Overall, I consult fiercely assertive individuals in soul consciousness translating all of the systems, science and symbols that communicate it. I am multi-passioned and I

live for it.  This is the seat of what I do and I'm grateful for the success and impact that lives here.  

On a scientific level, by definition aligned with natural order, I am a Gen X, Tropical Pisces, Sidereal Aquarius, ENFP-A, 4/6 Manifesting Generator Triple Split, 33 line 6 life path, 63rd Hexagram persona, galactic tone 8 and daughter descendant of 'those who broke the mold'. I've never preferred labels, but if there's ONE that captures my core its #SoulScientist. I've come to know soul as the primordial pulse in each of us and I am devoted in study and verse of this connected expression. 

 I find soul where ever it is. I identify it, collab with it, amplify it, feel where its absent and on a responsive basis, bring it into the room. I always campaign for its expression. There isn't much evolution in our connections without it. The work, partners, children, expressions, actions, company we chose, are each informed by our soul experience. This knowledge of ourselves is a study of nature, vital for healing what we aren't, and unapologetically being who we are. Welcome to it.


BIG Love,

Stacy Patrice.

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SP--where is the bulk of your work and where are the numbers?

native southside chicagogetter


past decade actualizing soul consciousness from chi to bali

produced and hosted over 100 original programs including exchanges between artists in different lands


affinity for applying the tones of nature to experiential education 


continuing education and experiences/pilgrimage and exploration

marwen arts alumni, famu, landmark, moksha yoga center,  iwilla, rebuild foundation, nik west, etc.

am also the heart and soul of progression in groups advocating for less hustle and more flow.

I create with:

beauty + neter + intuition + frequency

art + nature + feel + sound

creation + divinity + tune + sense

I am a strategist in my operational capacities bringing the business world into coexistence with the very human virtues of integrity, true diversity, innovation and freethought to place importance and emphasis on where 'the way' we lead, matters and making space for conscious awareness to spawn innovation. 

I am an architect in my creative capacities who brings forth beauty, detail and feeling through the 'voice' of my subjects, to those who need to directly sense them. I produce by animating forces of nature, intuition, frequency and divinity as my arsenal for expression.


Stacy Patrice is a native Southside Chicagoan, trance.disciplinary artist, mom, yogini, HBCU business graduate, producer & creative director, ceremonialist & host, multidimensional awakener and creator of the elevated initiative for 'Self Love & Soul Healing'. With a specialty of stimulating the Soul into this human experience, Stacy has intentionally been improving the metaphysics of community, through higher learning in soul consciousness, transformational leadership coaching, sacred circle and retreat in Chicago and abroad. Her most consistent calling is making connections between the seen and unseen, helping visionaries, sensitives and creatives love louder with expanded confidence and clarity. 

As a creator of intentionally impactful experiences, Stacy Patrice has produced a myriad of one-of-one "Self Love & Soul Healing" activations including her annual celebration, A Soul Healing SOULstice, her monthly Soul Healing Relationships events, her women's only activations 4Wombmyn, Soul Healing Summit and Sacred Feminine Fire. In addition, Stacy has created online programs including The Love Immersion and Ancestral Sankofa, men's only circles including You Good Man? and Connect+ and her nature retreats including AwareWolf & emBODY SOUL. Stacy's co-working masterminds WRIT•U•AL and Flow were created to encourage artists to develop their visions. Stacy also developed her visions in original media including her Soul Healing Satsang seriesYogatography photo series, The emBODY SOUL Documentary and SOULFLOW  ritual workbook.


Stacy Patrice continues to be a sought after, well-respected speaker, educator and inspired talent to produce for large audiences curious to tap more deeply into their soul power. Stacy continues prioritizing, featuring, co-hosting and synergizing networks of leaders to provide a more connected experience across 'Self Love & Soul Healing', which she considers to be vital medicine, for these times.

Stacy Patrice is an sagacious spiritual leader, intuitively-guided transformational educator, cultural wellness strategist, leadership consultant and Southside Chicago native, perhaps best known for stimulating the inner self into this exterior experience through connecting the dots in consciousness for freethinking leaders and formed communities. 


For the past decade, Stacy has been unifying individuals and groups around the world with her customized offerings that prioritize the tuning and healing of the collective, by merging nuances of ancient wisdom, emotional intelligence and mind-body education into a fluid delivery that upholds and delivers a sense of felt justice to centralize our unique needs during challenging times.


As a creator of intentionally impactful experiences, Stacy produces a myriad of signature "Self Love & Soul Healing" activations reconnecting our experiences to our roots, addressing the common complexities of contemporary culture with modern modalities to accelerate the language of healing. 

shifting the voice of leadership so that their impact is more inclusive, attuned and united in the magnitude of our soul power, emphasizing authentic diversity as the healing outcome. 

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