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Power is in the details and fulfillment in the design. 

Stacy consults in operational strategy for empowered leaders who desire to approach their business holistically for conscious shaping of their wellness and allowing growth to impact their partners, teams and customers, responsibly.

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The collective is calling. It's time to make it better together.

Stacy has made a fine art out of what she has named 'collective tuning', guiding natural and intentionally formed communities in their soul power through live and virtual, experiential engagement, ceremony & ritual.  



Those who have truly experienced life have much to share about it.

Stacy shares empowering keynotes and engaging presentations specializing in soul consciousness and cultural wellness strategy, including 46+ areas of interest in the spectrum from her ever evolving experience, research and study.



There's more than one language of the soul. 

If you see something, theres a place in the world for it. 

Over the past three decades I have developed a soulful set of related talents into experiences that make me an all inclusive go-to for growing new systems and authentically empowering the humans that work inside them, to thrive. I am still growing strong in continuous learning to keep it fresh for myself, my community and my clients.

Although I produce alot of the work I want to see in the world, I fully welcome intentional creativity. I am selectively open to proposals for high strategy consultant hires, creative collaborations and aligned partnerships in innovating industries. Let's work together in our intentions.

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