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Doing-The-Work, Shop




2 Sessions

About the Course

Doing-The-Work, Shop is a Soul Healing approach to work--not just what your work and productivity does for others but how to architect and visualize it to also return to, connect to and support you.

In this two part workshop, Stacy Patrice will guide you to look at work from a holistic lens, connecting your identity, abilities, what your work is and what world your work belongs in.

You will be guided into organizing how the inner quality of your work maps and overlaps, alongside creative coaching in a supportive setting to structure your work as a unique connected flow style.

Are you ready to visualize, extract some truths, map and connect the brilliant design of your work in the world? You can join live virtually on Sunday July 14th and 21st (1.5 hrs each) from anywhere in the world.

Your Instructor

Stacy Patrice is a multi passionate, responsive creator, experiential educator, sacred journey host, inner experience facilitator, conscious storyteller and lifestyle conSOULtant. She has created, authored, hosted and taught original courses, programs, masterclasses, workshops, events and retreats in Self Love & Soul Healing. With education as a natural area of passion and communication, Stacy has experienced her universal teachings aligning with a wide variety of students from many path of life as she has been sought out to travel across the world to meet them with her soul perspective on their respective journeys.

Stacy Patrice
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