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custom projects

Conscious Artistry & Expression, Creative Direction & Dream Teams

WE CREATE art-of-facts of our continuity through oral, visual, performative, written & vibratory forms.


Work with me as a multidisciplinary artist, specializing in the sonic, visual and movement arts as well as visionary direction, curating the collaboration of top tier artists.


I am open to proposals for hire as a solo artist and high yield collaborations working on content creation and direction for your business or brand's project, campaign or festival.




This documentary is the reflective and collaborative account of 11 yogis from the States who in late 2019, joined Stacy Patrice on the other side of the world in Bali, Indonesia for an experiential activation she entitled "emBODY SOUL: An Elemental Journey in Soul Healing". This doc explores a week of connection and healing on the island retreating in community, exploring what it means to feel at home and return home an embodiment of that feeling. This doc was filmed from the POV of the participants, with the vision for the experience and media direction both, by Stacy Patrice.

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