Satsang, in the yogic tradition, is a spiritually-centered convening designed to invoke inner awakening of the collective.  


Healing Artist & Soul Healer Stacy Patrice offers her weekly online convening, Soul Healing Satsang, to continue her previous in-person tradition of joining with the Soul Healing Sangha weekly to tide us over with a focus on 'everyday immunity', offering less explored wisdom therapy, ancient healing practices and recommended soul rituals to engage us collectively and help sustain us mentally, emotionally and socially during this period of social transformation.

Join Stacy live at 1pm CST every Sunday at

the Instagram of @rebuild_foundation.

Replay some gems from the archive below.

Ep 27 Non Attachment

Ep 28 Audacity

Ep 31 Mystery of Self

Ep 32 Use Your Force

.: Its time to rise :.

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