Satsang, in the yogic tradition, is a spiritually-centered convening designed to invoke inner awakening, guided from the goodness of the collective.  


Healing Artist & Soul Healer Stacy Patrice offers her weekly online convening, Soul Healing Satsang, to continue her in-person tradition of joining with the Soul Healing Sangha weekly to tend to the 'back office' of our lives feeding creativity, clarity, consciousness and healing by offering a low resource, high impact, creative cultural engagement online. 


This resource will tide us over with a focus on 'everyday immunity', offering less explored wisdom therapy, ancient healing practices and recommended personal health rituals to engage us collectively and help sustain us mentally, emotionally and socially during this period of social isolation.


This series offered with Rebuild Foundation, supports artists and the creatively inclined to reinstate safety, security and togetherness that reminds us of the abundance we still have access to, at home. 

Join Stacy at 1pm CST every Sunday at @rebuild-foundation Instagram LIVE. Replay the archive below.

Intro Ep:  Black Divinity Meditation Day

Soul Healing Satsang 3.29 Strengthening Connection Beyond the Screen

Ep 2  Connection Beyond the Screen

Ep 3 Empowering Purpose Through Challenge

Ep 4 The Creator Within

Ep 5 Respirational Rhythms

Ep 6 Illuminating Self Love

Ep 7 The Art of Self Study

Ep 8 Emotional Sincerity

Ep 9 Identity & Frequency

Ep 10 Relationships As Home

Ep 11 Snippet from The Lost Episode 

Ep 12 Prince: An Icon of Imagination

Ep 13 The Soul of A System

Ep 14 R.E.S.T. to Create

Ep 15 Inner Self Broadcasting

Ep 16 Inner Pilgrimage Now

Ep 17 The Keys to Compassion

Ep 18 Impressions

Ep 19 Enhancing Humanity

Ep 20 Spiritual Tools

Ep 21 Divine Timing

Its time to rise.

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