the devotional practice of autonomously summoning words intended to serve the collective 


the repetitious joy of cultivating encoded 

experiences meant to be shared, as an autonomous (w)rite of passage 


the building of connected reference between life-giving words, powered by truth telling & freethinking through the tradition of storytelling. 

Join Sandria Washington & Stacy Patrice every Sunday this summer for a vibrant weekly writing cypher, WRIT•U•AL. 

Writing is historic and we are living history, if we dare. So many of us have profound things to share; perspectives that will greatly contribute to our culture, once they are writ. We are the officiants of our truth and all that is required are the time and space to organize those ideas and the intention and support to allow them to flow. 


This is our weekly WRIT•U•AL: 

Strengthen your individual practice of writing, within the collective. Co work and co-conspire knowing where two or more are gathered, profound works are writ. We have space for 13 so just a few shared intentions before we jam: 

Begin with the intention to be there weekly

Bring all tools to support your writing practice 

Arrive a few moments early to settle in

Plan ahead so that this is possible (food, transpo)

No ins and outs nor late arrivals permitted 

Come prepared to write 

We have secured the time and space.

Join the vibe. 

Sundays 4-6pm

Flood's Hall

1515 E. 52nd Place

(entrance in alleyway behind Valois

look for the blue awning and address) 

Come to the 3rd Floor

See you Sunday at 4pm!