"What happens on my  mat

is a microcosm for my LIFE.

My physical practice rises as the oracle

exposing my emotional state, truths, tendencies, conditions, energetics,

which all exist beyond the physical,

but greatly impact my experience here.

I experience the liberating truth

in my personal practice, and this dose, I find is my most direct access for listening to my soul."

Stacy Patrice on Soul Healing Yoga™



Since 2012, Stacy Patrice’s metaphysical, soul-centered sessions blend mental journeys and physical practice with intention building and experiential discovery for adults who often handle life with few breathing spaces. Stacy engineered a culturally-relevant delivery of activating divinity in an inclusive commUNITY setting, honoring sacred space and a personal clearing experience and intuitively named it Soul Healing Yoga™. 


After a vivid dream, Stacy followed her desire to stand in the yoga desert on Chicago's Southside, innovating in offering with an independent thriving program, backed by an arts foundation, in an art center in a hood known for flight. Stacy began partnering with Rebuild Foundation in 2015 to provide quality, accessible and creative programming twice weekly, igniting the spark to help luminaries rise from their roots.


Soul Healing Yoga™ sessions are reliably offered with the intention of collective power, beginning with 'I AM'. To date, Stacy's intentions have drawn a multigenerational global student body while basing the practice to support her city proving that an expansive yoga practice with warm reception, top-notch instruction and an inclusive motif is a great concept to be normalized. 


Weekly program provided in partnership with The Rebuild Foundation.




Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative (DA+HC)

1456 E. 70th Street

Chicago Southside

We have mats available at each session.

Come as you are. 

Donation overflow accepted.  

As you know, my orthopedic surgeon is impressed with my ability to point and flex at 100 percent this early after surgery. I certainly attribute that to all the grounding poses you have me doing! Internally, I am hyper-aware of the need for boundaries, support and self-care. I have been following my instincts more and taking better care of my soul. 

As usual, todays session was fabulous. I appreciate and needed the stretching component; but more than that, I always leave your class having learned something new about myself. You are a gifted teacher; you instruct, deposit and  extract, very well. Thank you Sis!!

Thank you for sharing your you-ness and helping us shine together.  Amazing work you do/are!  My soul's delight to meet you and enjoy your guidance through movements with the group.  I have to say, it was my absolute highlight of the weekend...Thank you for stirring up the pot the ways you do.  A tremendous gift.

I am truly amazed at what I am able to do after a few months of yoga practice with you. I am also feeling a big difference in my emotional life because of your persistence with us to make those Mind Body Spirit connections. You are so gifted at making space for us to do just that...as individuals but also as a collective. And the result is, indeed, Soul Healing. Soul Healing Yoga is church!

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Stacy Patrice is also available to deliver the  Soul Healing Yoga™  experience for your conscious event or festival, in your location, from group introduction of meditation, asana and/or breathing, to full advanced immersion.

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