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Registration for the Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship, first cohort is currently closed as we are in motion. If you would like to be notified about the second cohort---tentatively beginning in September 2023---remain

subscribed to my email list (form at footer and in pop up box) AND follow me on social for updates, wisdom talks, compatible programming and in-person experiences in the interim. Namaste.  

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The Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship is a six month yoga-based educationally immersive online cohort in 'self love and soul healing'. This mentorship is divinely designed to develop awareness and explore self unlocking, to invoke pure presence in your mind, body and spirit. You will be immersed in the dynamics that comprise the holistic lifestyle practice of Soul Healing Yoga™, as created, taught and experienced by your guide, Stacy Patrice.


This is an invitation to dive deep beyond the commercial facade of 'yoga' into the soul of this

multidimensional system, prioritizing your inner healing and understanding in your daily intentions and personal practice. This mentorship challenges you to use the alignment of seasons to open up, connect, grow in greater authority, and embody the teachings for your life while building an intentionally alive core practice, that's all your own.


Stacy Patrice is a Southside Chicago native, soul yogini, claircognizant lifestylist, FAMU business graduate, multidimensional educator, trance.disciplinary artist, mom of an artist, Soulcentric executive consultant and Soul Healing Creative Arts Director. In addition to working confidentially with brilliant luminaries and changemakers 1:1, Stacy has created and facilitated a myriad of one-of-one "Self Love & Soul Healing" activations for groups including: 'the people's favorite' twice weekly program Soul Healing Yoga™, A Soul Healing SOULstice annual celebration, monthly Soul Healing Relationships events, women's only activations 4Wombmyn, Soul Healing Summit and Sacred Feminine Fire, men's only circles You Good Man? and Connect+, online programs The Love Immersion and Ancestral Sankofa, and her elemental nature retreats AwareWolf & emBODY SOUL.

With Stacy's creation of modules of this work designed to speak to the unique needs of multigenerational and multiethnic audiences of intentional organizations, universities, festivals, conferences and retreats around the world, the list literally goes on. Her enthusiasm and thoroughness in guiding seekers of love, knowledge & wisdom into the sacred reconnection of soul consciousness, has made her a commUNITY cultivator, teacher's teacher, global storyteller and connected healer. Her continuing research, education and illustrative teachings remind of the role that cultural wellness, mind-body connection and soul healing play in our various identities in this collective experience.  Although this is the first cohort of the Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship, it is an enthusiastic return online, celebrating where Stacy first began communing with others in the creative sacred space of inner healing. 

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