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DECEMBER 21, 2022-JUNE 21, 2023

The Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship is a six month yoga-based educationally immersive online cohort in 'self love and soul healing'. This mentorship is divinely designed to develop awareness and explore self unlocking, to invoke pure presence in your mind, body and spirit. You will be immersed in the dynamics that comprise the holistic lifestyle practice of Soul Healing Yoga™, as created, taught and experienced by your guide, Stacy Patrice.


This is an invitation to dive deep beyond the commercial facade of 'yoga' into the soul of this

multidimensional system, prioritizing your inner healing and understanding in your daily intentions and personal practice. This mentorship challenges you to use the alignment of seasons to open up, connect, grow in greater authority, and embody the teachings for your life while building an intentionally alive core practice, that's all your own.


" If you've ever been on a journey with me, then you already know that the work happens behind the scenes and this will be about so much more than practicing on your mat, yet there's also significant science to learn there and take with you when you walk back into the world.


I intended to create an extended offering where I utilize my knowledge, practice, creativity and teaching experience in yoga to help you witness, explore and customize these teachings in your everyday life to maintain wellness on your own.


Soul Healing Yoga™ is about connectivity of your moving parts and understanding and honoring that story is what this masterful inside-out mentorship supports you in doing. You will build upward from the roots of your mat practice and rise into the beautiful reunion of how you were designed to live. 


I'll walk with you through the whole foundations, philosophies, application and completion of this valuable path but you must initiate it. No matter how long you've been on the self love and healing journey, there are always new levels of sacredness to experience. I am so ready to share with you. Ase!" 

Soul Yogini SP


weekly group online coaching calls and unity sessions 


private platform with timed video recordings for instructional study


syncing assignments & guidance for whole life documentation 

Over the course of six months you will engage with 19* instructional online learning modulesweekly live video coaching sessions and guided assignments that evidence your practice within your life, while connecting and collaborating with members of The Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship (SHYIM) inaugural cohort.

This 'whole yoga' lifestyle system and application provides context for foundations in identity and origins, mind body syncing rituals for activating healing, and overstanding expression of your whole experience in living color. It is designed to support your I AM in the world, while assisting you in customizing how you want to be in the world.


Through this mentorship, your process in it may empower you into your unique difference which is expected and supported. With anywhere-in-the-world access to this original curriculum on an independent distraction-free 'retreat' platform for ultimate focus on your journey, what you find, feel, the connections you make from the stories in your cohort and how your experience here will best represent your larger community, are how this mentorship will work specifically for you.

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This mentorship is especially tailored to 'see' and support the souls of people who:


consider themselves sensitive or psychic in any way

are challenged to know & articulate 'who they are'

routinely pack on stress and seek a system 'shift'

identify as black sheep

have yet to feel that they truly 'belong'

recognize they are at a crossroads

feel stuck in any way

marvel in learning how life speaks to them specifically

want to embrace their uncelebrated superpowers 

feel they are seeking a spiritual 'home'

are survivors of abuse, injustice or bodily trauma

seek to heal generational damage with wellness

are are ready to write and tell a new story

love to serve, learn and choose joy

Due to the holistic approach and scope of this mentorship, all that is required to join is an interest to learn the practice, complete the journey, participate with the commUNITY, and add a 'true for you' lens to your life. 


activating identity & story into self loving, soul healing experience


integrating yoga science, philosophy & foundational systems


designing & liberating a living thesis in practice and lifestyle

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This six month mentorship cohort, robustly engages and covers the following:

meditation, breathwork, yoga philosophy and ethics

micro postures, macro meanings  

practice interconnections, sequencing and self adjustments

mind body metaphysics and practice psychology

intention in quality alignment and relative anatomy

complementary life practices


differentiated identity acceptance and integration

the layering of self love and subtle energy dynamics

connecting the dots of your soul story

soul healing consciousness

lifestyling philosophy

life force syncing rituals

wordsound power connectivity


yoga based study, research and contribution

personal practice building and customization

the relationship between yoga and creativity

self directed thesis formulation

the gifts of commUNITY service

I AM creative consciousness

 science, spirituality & culture...


The Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship is designed to complement the work of souls who move in service to others in the world as:










integrative therapists




whole care practitioners


*anyone who seeks to know and selects authority to integrate liberating knowledge








During the course of SHYIM, you will be mentored to:

 know the Soul Healing Yoga™ philosophy & foundation 

innerstand the dynamics of yoga postures & techniques

use your understanding to craft a 1of1 lifestyle practice

follow your curiosities and document your exploration

turn your healing into a self generated artform

draw your awareness into your soul story to embrace it

apply intuition to what you're learning in your life

reconnect to your whole feeling self from physical to soul

expand into elective learning inspired by your study

communicate what you're feeling more easily

learn/practice in mystical symbolism for self study

meet/learn collaboratively in relationship to your cohort

build, complete and contribute a thesis project

learn how to apply this information to your life's work

deliver and express your findings in a group 

finish strong especially when it challenges you


There will be individual and collaborative projects to contribute toward, with the intention to personally learn while assisting the cohort. Within this you will create a thesis specific to your identity, curiosity and experience with the provided program material and have an opportunity to gain and give support throughout.   

As you know, my orthopedic surgeon is impressed with my ability to point and flex at 100 percent this early after surgery. I certainly attribute that to all the grounding poses you have me doing! Internally, I am hyper-aware of the need for boundaries, support and self-care. I have been following my instincts more and taking better care of my soul. 

As usual, todays session was fabulous. I appreciate and needed the stretching component; but more than that, I always leave your class having learned something new about myself. You are a gifted teacher; you instruct, deposit and  extract, very well. Thank you Sis!!

Thank you for sharing your you-ness and helping us shine together.  Amazing work you do/are!  My soul's delight to meet you and enjoy your guidance through movements with the group.  I have to say, it was my absolute highlight of the weekend...Thank you for stirring up the pot the ways you do.  A tremendous gift.

I am truly amazed at what I am able to do after a few months of yoga practice with you. I am also feeling a big difference in my emotional life because of your persistence with us to make those Mind Body Spirit connections. You are so gifted at making space for us to do just that...as individuals but also as a collective. And the result is, indeed, Soul Healing. 


Soul Healing Yoga is church!


This six month mentorship is valued at over $5000 USD.

Early Bird pricing available to the first cohort at $3333

Regular pricing begins December 5th, $3694.  


Pricing plans (as discussed in FAQ) available.

Email to request/initiate with details

Your payment enrolls you into the mentorship.

All payments are non-refundable.


We have registrants already enrolled.

Spaces are intimately reserved.

Be intentional on joining us.


We begin this mentorship with our opening ceremony on Wednesday December 21st, 2022.

*Exact time TBD; tentatively at 6pm CST.

Addititonal details and credentials provided for registrants.

Stacy Patrice is a Southside Chicago native, claircognizant lifestylist, FAMU business graduate, multidimensional educator, homeschooling mom, Yoga Siromani, trance.disciplinary artist, Soulcentric executive consultant and Soul Healing Creative Arts Director. In addition to working confidentially with brilliant luminaries and changemakers 1:1, Stacy has created and facilitated a myriad of one-of-one "Self Love & Soul Healing" activations for groups including: 'the people's favorite' twice weekly program Soul Healing Yoga™, A Soul Healing SOULstice annual celebration, monthly Soul Healing Relationships events, women's only activations 4Wombmyn, Soul Healing Summit and Sacred Feminine Fire, men's only circles You Good Man? and Connect+, online programs The Love Immersion and Ancestral Sankofa, and her elemental nature retreats AwareWolf & emBODY SOUL.

With Stacy's creation of modules of this work designed to speak to the unique needs of multigenerational and multiethnic audiences of intentional organizations, universities, festivals, conferences and retreats around the world, the list literally goes on. Her enthusiasm and thoroughness in guiding seekers of love, knowledge & wisdom into the sacred reconnection of soul consciousness, has made her a commUNITY cultivator, teacher's teacher, global storyteller and connected healer. Her continuing research, education and illustrative teachings remind of the role that cultural wellness, mind-body connection and soul healing play in our various identities in this collective experience.  Although this is her first cohort of the Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship, it is an enthusiastic return online, celebrating where Stacy first began communing with others in the creative sacred space of inner healing.