Stacy Patrice has sincere interest, experience and speciality in delivering connected experiences as an expressive healing artform. Stacy is available for conscious festivals & events,  retreats & conferences, pre-matrimonial destination gatherings and similar sacred spaces where alignment with new, supportive paradigms is wholly honored.


All requests for appearance, facilitation, consultation and personal guidance must be submitted as a detailed proposal with all dates, details, expectations and budget for consideration. 

collective tuning

for hire, experiential live installments created by Stacy Patrice, to engage and empower individual exploration within a group initiative. 

the art of soul healing

seasonal plant-based living

liberating leadership and empowerment

creative visualization

embodiment through yoga & dance

intimacy, relationships, sensuality

identity & soul consciousness

cosmic cycles & astrological influence 

divine feminine activation

creative activation

featured segment of Stacy's boundless creative expression as muse, curated to enliven your specific project/event theme and scaleable intention.

model influencer (archetypal)

style prototype

on-camera personality

rhythmic expressionist

spiritual scribe

campaign director/producer

 keynote, panelist and host

momager of an artist

sacred guidance

private session with Stacy Patrice's wisdom in cultivating home, designed to reclaim space and spur growth in your personal life, psyche & soul.  

soulcentric sessions

intuitive divination

physical renewal (energy session) 

coupling in partnership 

sacred matrimony

conscious entrepreneurship

celebrity soul healing

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