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Blue Smoke

healing therapies

experiential tuning for transformation & liberation 

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formed & natural groups

Collective Tuning, Special Events, Hosting & Facilitation

WE HEAL ourselves, our connections to others and our exterior relationships, holistically.


I create sacred expressive experiences that help you tune your being and take care of yourself, one practice at a time so that we may 'see' each other more clearly.


Book me to 'get your group together' through engaging speaking appearances, mindful facilitation of series and workshops, introduction of ancient and modern practices and the art of hosting, providing seamless connectivity and unique transformative experiences within your group.

Over the past three decades I have developed a soulful set of related talents into experiences that make me an all inclusive go-to for growing new systems and authentically empowering the humans that work inside them, to thrive. I am still growing strong in continuous learning to keep it fresh for myself, my community and my clients.

Although I produce and staff much of the work I want to see in the world, I fully welcome intentional creativity. I am selectively open to proposals for high strategy consultant hires, creative collaborations, direction and aligned partnerships desired for innovating industries. Let's work together in our intentions.

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