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Welcome! I am Stacy Patrice, and
I am a premier provider of self-love and soul healing education dedicated to helping individuals discover their inner strength and spiritual well-being through immersive experiences that help develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you


 I create spaces for people to exist as themselves and my approach is potent, fulfilling, experiential and self validating. I work best with people who get that there's something they don't quite get and are willing to take the journey through.  I help people stop forcing themselves into an inauthentic channel for validation. There are more brilliant ways to tell people who we are.


Although I have maintained reputable careers in performance artistry, visual storytelling, branding & imaging, and multigenerational mentoring, the past decade plus, I have been focused on serving individuals and groups around the world through unifying cultural wellness offerings that prioritize the tuning and healing of the collective, as an operational lifestyle.


I utilize a holistic approach to wellness that is vibrant, connected, creative and expansive for my students, clients, teams and audience. I have intentionally been improving the metaphysics of community, expressing connections between creativity and consciousness, and producing responsive and aligned creative works for visionaries, sensitives and creators

 This is where the soul of my offerings reside and I truly love living in this honor sharing this vital form of expansive wellness I call 'self love & soul healing'.  

Welcome to my world! 

for the label conscious

By definition aligned with cosmic natural order, I am a Tropical Pisces Sun, Sidereal Aquarius Sun, ENFP-A, 4/6 Manifesting Generator, Life Path 6, 63rd Hexagram Persona, Galactic Tone 8 and Daughter Descendant of 'those who broke the mold'.


I am a Gen X, Southside Chicago native, trance.disciplinary artist and FAMU Business alum, educating mom of an artist, soul yogini, claircognizant lifestylist, multidimensional awakenermodern griot and storyteller, nonsense survivor, unifying host, expansion educator, eternal student, Soulcentric consultant, Soul Healing Creative Arts Director and creator and curator of the Soul Healing Universe™. 



Stacy Patrice is a Southside Chicago native, trance.disciplinary artist, soul yogini, claircognizant flowstylist, multidimensional educator, homeschooling mom of an artist, FAMU business graduate, Soulcentric executive consultant, Soul Healing Creative Arts Director and creator/keeper of the Soul Healing Universe™. 


As a commUNITY cultivator, teacher's teacher, global storyteller and connected healing artist, Stacy specializes in raising the presence of internal validation systems, with vision, intention and integrity.  Stacy has created and facilitated a myriad of one-of-one "Self Love & Soul Healing" experiential learning activations and programs, serving thousands of practitioners on Chicago's Southside to Ubud, Bali and designs and delivers client-specific modules of this work, which she identifies as 'collective tuning', for multigenerational and multiethnic audiences around the world. 

In addition to working confidently outside of the lines, with intentional organizations, universities, thought leaders of natural & formed communities, and organizers of festivals, conferences & retreats, Stacy has confidentially directed and consulted courageous luminaries in the philanthropy, arts, entrepreneurship and educational sectors marrying creative wellness practices with intuitive leadership strategies, system creation and operational flow, creating bold, impactful change in curiosity, confidence and collaboration. 


Stacy is a similar force in the visual and performing arts, with over 20 years deeply connected to the communicative artforms of modeling, dance, branding and imaging, visual media creation, design, documentary & docuseries production which she experiences as healing therapies and now infuses into her offerings. such as her six month mentorship program, The Soul Healing Yoga Immersive Mentorship which is an exercise in flowstyling with many tools, from the outside in, available only online via the Soul Healing Universe™.

Stacy's continuing education, research and illustrative media projects remind of the role that cultural wellness, inner connection and creative expression play in our various identities in this collective experience. Stacy continues prioritizing, featuring, co-hosting and synergizing networks of leaders, to provide a more connected experience across creativity and 'Self Love & Soul Healing', which she considers to be vital medicine, for these times.

"Be the you that you are,

when no one else is looking,

in front of everyone."

Stacy Patrice

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