Devotee  of  SOUL .

I  AM  Soul, expressed.

I've lived many lives in this body, some of the most significant as:  a multidisciplinary visual and performing artist, yogini, HBCU business graduate and operations manager, freethinking entrepreneur, avant garde agency runway model, jewelry designer and fashion stylist, creative director, media producer, branding consultant, teacher and instructor, youth mentor, transformation coach, author and mother. My personal experiences yield wisdom which is leveraged, in each instance I begin anew, to build the proper foundation needed to support my soul's growth, on the way up. 


During my journeys through the aforementioned experiences, I realized living comes from acknowledgement of one true authenticator : Soul.  So, I am Soul expressed,  proficiently exploring and creating while deepening my journey with the supernatural.  This shamanic path has given me a life long fascination with spirit, origins, process, ritual, culture, people and the mysteries that connect us. I have formed a habit of  utilizing my overflow to guide others to cultivate individuated fulfillment, for themselves to be greater contributors to our collective evolution. In many ways this has been my premiere joy, to share; and to intentionally share what's good for the soul.

My current flow holds the fulfillment and honor of sacred space holder & ceremonialist, empowerment guide, multipotential creator, synergist for collective tuning, messenger and leader for social change, author of transformative texts, alchemist,  expressionist and media producer for healing arts and culture shifting, on a global level of engagement. Foremost, I am a devotee of soul, who wills to see a diverse humanity, thrive.

I come alive in inspired action, attuning with my integrity for the highest good of all involved, challenging the current perceptions to invite greater alignment and actualization of Self. Above all, I feel this is the best place to lead, create, grow & love from.  This is my foundation and beautiful journey.


Stacy Patrice

Welcome to the Soul Healing Loverution™


Stacy Patrice is a yogini and multidimensional spiritual awakener from Chicago, creating sacred spaces and sacred expressions for 'Self Love & Soul Healing’. With a specialty of stimulating the Soul into this human experience, Stacy has intentionally been improving the metaphysics of community through creative ritual, emotional awareness, spiritual aliveness and bodymind engagement for experiential liberation, since 2011. 


Steeped in the sacred, Stacy delivers a sense of 'self-generated justice' to conscious creators across the world to empower commUNITY who seek the kind of self-mastery that boldly emerges from Stacy’s two and a half decades of mystical and psychospiritual study, practice and translation. As ancient ritual quietly evolves through art & culture, Stacy’s teachings exalt soul consciousness as the predominant guidance system to feel themselves at ‘home’.


Stacy Patrice’s creative foundations as an artist led her to her spiritual base as a certified yoga teacher where she connected the dots between art and spirit and birthed her brand of creative intentioned practice, Soul Healing Yoga™. Stacy has since been featured on the cover of Yoga Chicago and has innovated in merging yoga, creativity & healing based on Chicago’s Southside collaborating with global light leaders and partners to share her signature one-of-one offerings which she considers to be vital and personal medicine for these times.  


A teacher’s teacher, spiritual seekers and yoga students alike, accredit Stacy with revealing a more connected existence across categories while intimately resurrecting personal autonomy through movement, mysticism and meditation with a fly kind of meraki.

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