I  AM  Soul, expressed.

It seems I've lived many lives in this body and have learned that my essence of aliveness comes from acknowledgement of one true authenticator : SOUL.  I am Soul expressed, proficiently exploring and creating while deepening my journey with the supernatural and multidimensional self.  This shamanic path has revealed a lexicon of spirit, origin, process, ritual, culture and soul that translates the mysteries that connect us all.


My contribution is soulcentric healing, for thriving. I create an array of harmonic rites that are transformative in nature and allow passage to an experientially developed, holism. I specialize in utilizing my overflow to guide others to cultivate individuated fulfillment, to be greater contributors to our collective evolution. In many ways this has been my premiere joy: to intentionally share the nuances that nurture the soul.


As a devotee of soul, who wills to see a diverse humanity thrive, I come alive in inspired action, attuning with the highest good and challenging the current perceptions, to invite greater alignment and actualization of Self. Above all, I feel this is the best place to lead, create, grow & love from. 

This is my foundation and active pilgrimage.



Stacy Patrice

Welcome to the Soul Healing Loverution™


Stacy Patrice is a yogini, Soul Healer and multidimensional spiritual awakener from Chicago, creating sacred expressions and activated spaces for 'Self Love & Soul Healing'. With a specialty of stimulating the Soul into this human experience, Stacy has intentionally been improving the metaphysics of community through experiential liberation, since 2011. 


Stacy Patrice’s creative foundations as an artist led her to her spiritual base as a certified yoga teacher where she connected the dots between creativity and healing and innovated with her brand of creative intentioned practice, Soul Healing Yoga™. Stacy has since been featured on the cover of Yoga Chicago, facilitated workshops, headlined festivals and taught classes on Chicago’s Southside while collaborating with global light leaders and partners to share her signature one-of-one offerings which she considers to be vital and personal medicine for these times.  


A teacher’s teacher, spiritual seekers and yoga students alike, accredit Stacy with providing a more connected existence across categories while intimately resurrecting autonomy through movement, mysticism and meditative living.​

Its time to rise.

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