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i am

I am an effortless outlier and heavily differentiated.


I love depth and processes, structure and intelligence, chaos and natural order. I am the dynamic confluence of art + nature + science + soul consciousness, confronting complexity with actualization pursuits that reinforce the core of connection.

From the outside, I am adept at deconditioning, with an ample emphasis on the more authentic way to do a thing. Supported by calculated risk, knowledge, practice and intuition, I press the limits of possibility with feeling, vision and wisdom.

I am a creative resolver, multifaceted in the arts and steeped in human behavior and reflective self-study. I illuminate patterns and communicate about them with emotional honesty, creating connected living frameworks made of integrity, justice & soulful intention


I am the scholar of many paths, master of self.

i am



By definition, initiation,

& aligned with cosmic natural order, 

I am:

Triple Goddess archetype

EZOG Visionary

Tropical Pisces Sun-Leo Rising-Aquarius Moon

Sidereal Aquarius Sun-Cancer Rising-Capricorn Moon

Pitta Vata constitution


4/6 Manifesting Generator

Life Path 6

63rd Hexagram (JiJi)

Galactic Tone 8

Daughter Descendant of 'those who broke the mold'

As Stacy Patrice, I am often engaged as:

multifaceted visual, performing & healing artist

jnana yogini

matchmaker and connection sage

whole system consultant

​identity healing harmonist

expansion educator

vegan culinarian

flow stylist

heart-centered guide

plant spirit herbalist

adventure host

creative operational branding & Imaging strategist

 epiphanic facilitator of self love & soul healing


where I'm from

A Southside Chicago native, with an emphasis and educational foundation in the sciences and arts, I explored a myriad of expressions as a child from oratory and spelling, to dance recitals and playing trombone. Engineering design and drawing from source, memory and imagination, inevitably landed me in an art focused school.

As a teen, I fell in love with photography, theatre, modeling, jewelry crafting, fashion construction & design, dance choreography & performance,  hairstyling, astrology, psychology, creative writing, travel, sales and entrepreneurship.  

I entered adulthood with hands-on experience in Chicago nightlife promotions, special event production, brand marketing and graduated from FAMU in Business. I became an operational manager and fashion print model by day & nightlife fixture and runway model by night.


I initiated my healing journey and rebirth as a business-informed artist and natural vegan in 2003. Here I flourished in many roles including model and actress, talent agent, artist & brand stylist and consultant, key hairstylist, jewelry designer, graphic & web designer, photographer & creative director of the Dream Team Collective, events creator and producer.


Becoming a new mom, I also became a yoga photographer, homechooler, devoted yogini, yoga instructor, student of transcendental arts and practices, narcissist survivor, cultural wellness coach, program creator, herbalist, traveling facilitator and lead educator of my created life brand, Self Love & Soul Healing. 



I am many paths connected in the experiential expression of one. I am an artist and yogini, cosmic consciousness conSOULtant and wisdom teacher who specializes in uplifting the divine through nourishing the souls of actively differentiating humans on the path.


Stacy Patrice is a mother, yogini, multifaceted healing artist, spiritual awakener and intuitively guided strategist specializing in salubrious lifestyle activations that empower the connection, release and reimagining of everyday autonomy, within the souls of multigenerational and multiethnic audiences worldwide.


As a community cultivator, teacher's teacher and storyteller, Stacy specializes in creating and facilitating a myriad of one-of-one experiential learning activations and premier tuning programs, in her created  genre of "Self Love & Soul Healing". Stacy has designed and delivered client-specific modules of this work, merging her deep dives into soul consciousness, emotional intelligence, psychospirituality, somatic movement, metaphysical healing, yoga science, transformational leadership and systems thinking into her offered therapies, serving thousands of in-person practitioners from Chicago's Southside to Ubud, Bali.  


With over 40 years deeply connected to visual and performing arts, Stacy has utilized her feminine leadership faculties to confidentially guide luminaries in the philanthropy, entrepreneurial, arts, entertainment and educational sectors to lead from within and outside the lines. Stacy earned a business degree from FAMU, a 200 hour classical yoga teacher certification, another certification in herbalism and medicinal spiritual studies and has served in multiple capacities working for a growing list of organizations, serving diasporic communities in their soul power. 

"Be the you that you are,

when no one else is looking,

in front of everyone."

Stacy Patrice

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