I AM  Soul, expressed and at the core of all of my competencies, is wild creativity.  As a lively, deeply reflective, eternally curious student of life, I love the act of sharing wisdom through lived experiences in ways that can be reciprocated and create advancement in the lives of others. I see art as the way in which we acknowledge ourselves as creation and creators. I believe extending myself liberating love and compassionate healing, helps me remain a creator, soul deep. In this regard, I create community activations, alongside reflective works of moving art. 

As a devotee who wills to see a diverse humanity thrive, I come alive in inspired action, attuning with the highest good and challenging the current perceptions, to invite greater alignment and actualization of Self. Above all, I feel this is the best place to lead, create, grow & love from. 

This is my foundation and active pilgrimage.



Stacy Patrice

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The Path

Stacy Patrice is a native Southside Chicagoan, trance.disciplinary artist, mom, yogini, HBCU business graduate, producer & creative director, ceremonialist & host, multidimensional awakener and creator of the elevated initiative for 'Self Love & Soul Healing'. With a specialty of stimulating the Soul into this human experience, Stacy has intentionally been improving the metaphysics of community, through higher learning in soul consciousness, transformational leadership coaching, sacred circle and retreat in Chicago and abroad. Her most consistent calling is making connections between the seen and unseen, helping visionaries, sensitives and creatives love louder with expanded confidence and clarity. 


Stacy Patrice’s new chapter of self mastery through motherhood, led her to yoga teacher certification in 2011 where she completed a thesis on the connections between creativity and yoga and birthed her brand of creative intentioned practice, Soul Healing Yoga™.  Stacy's drive to make Chicago's Southside a more nurturing place to the hearts, bodies and minds of its residents, along with her love of creativity formed a productive alliance with Rebuild Foundation. Stacy accepted residence in Gates' vibrant repurposed spaces on Chicago's Southside and opened her heart toward the creation of original, cohesive, cultural wellness programming and community to fill them with, for 5 years. This action widened the attraction for residents, visitors and arriving practitioners to know the heart and possibility of the Southside.


As a creator of intentionally impactful experiences, Stacy Patrice has produced a myriad of one-of-one "Self Love & Soul Healing" activations including her annual celebration, A Soul Healing SOULstice, her monthly Soul Healing Relationships events, her women's only activations 4Wombmyn, Soul Healing Summit and Sacred Feminine Fire. In addition, Stacy has created online programs including The Love Immersion and Ancestral Sankofa, men's only circles including You Good Man? and Connect+ and her nature retreats including AwareWolf & emBODY SOUL. Stacy's community co-working masterminds WRIT•U•AL and Flow were created to encourage artists to develop their visions. Stacy also developed her visions in original media including her Soul Healing Satsang seriesYogatography photo series, The emBODY SOUL Documentary and SOULFLOW  ritual workbook.


Stacy Patrice continues to be a sought after, well-respected speaker, educator, group facilitator and inspired talent to headline festivals, conferences, retreats, ceremonies and events to connect with large audiences curious to tap more deeply into their soul power. Stacy's more confidential role has been as multidimensional guide for numerous creators, teachers and executives with her guidance system, SOULCENTRIC.  Stacy continues prioritizing, featuring, co-hosting and synergizing networks of leaders to provide a more connected experience across 'Self Love & Soul Healing', which she considers to be vital medicine, for these times.