I AM Soul Expressed. My specialization in the world is soul focused healing, for thriving in liberation. I create and produce harmonic rites that transform circumstance and allow passage to an experientially developed, holism. I specialize in utilizing my overflow to guide others to cultivate individuated fulfillment, to be greater contributors to our collective evolution. In many ways this has been my premiere joy: to intentionally explore and share the lifelong nuances I've experienced and collected, to nurture the soul (yours + mine).

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Soul Healing SOULstice

We could only close out a year like 2020, in tradition with our most anticipated ceremony & ritual of the year! This December 21, 2020, I invite you to the 6th Annual A Soul Healing SOULstice celebration, as I host our global presenters and friends in this years theme, LOVING LOUDER. We are closing out this extended year at home with loving wisdom for your soul. It's the most important celebration to complement whats next for you. Support Loving Louder and the generosity of this activation by clicking the link. 

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.: Its time to rise :.

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