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Image by Dave Hoefler


visionary artist ∞ wisdom teacher ∞ cosmic conSOULtant

soul expression  ∞  soul growth  ∞  sapiosensitivity

Image by Michael Dziedzic

resurrecting nobility

soul consciousness
Image by Raimond Klavins

I am a pioneer of soul story focused living, utilizing my tran(ce) disciplinary background in the arts, highly differentiated outlying visions, multidimensional SOULutions and yoga-based ritualizing as a form of experiential education for connecting the lives of intensive learners.


With breadth and depth in diverse talents, abilities, knowledge and authored experiences, I am adept at activating awareness, conscious reclamation and elevated play into the lived experience of a more divine, authentic and confidently connected inner/outer culture. 

Image by Raimond Klavins

multidimensional activation

soul consciousness

Soul Healing illuminates the understanding of the most ancient and intrinsic aspect of self, and bringing that awareness forward, into every other layer of being. The interconnected synergy between cultural, cosmic and creative nuances is what Stacy brings as conSOULtant, programmer, tuner and representative of this consciousness. Stacy has spawned a myriad of customized engagements for natural and formed groups who seek to experience and integrate Soul Healing into their initiatives, cultural capital and personal lives.

Colored Space
Image by Adlan


1:1 guided wisdom conSOULtations to centralize and work with the layers and brilliance of your personal design 

Image by Erlend Ekseth


customized program creation and facilitation of transformational group/community tunings for the soul

Image by Zoltan Tasi

bring soul in

inquire to feature soul healing consciousness via lecture, hosting, appearance, speaking and press spotlight

Image by Ron Whitaker

signature soul growth 

soul consciousness

In addition to walking on board to serve in creating SOULutions for others,  Stacy also creates in her passions of storytelling, teaching and hosting immersive learning experiences. These original works, engaging events and experiential learning centers are all infused with the intent of self love, soul healing and community interdependence. They are almost always healing based, soul centered and drive awareness toward a more creative future.  

Image by engin akyurt
Image by Kaŕeem Saleh


 collaborative artistic creative works and  elevated storytelling  projects as offerings for higher consciousness

Mount Fuji


expand as the student in original classes, series, mentorships, courses, and expansive 1-of-1 soul healing programs

Image by Alessandra Verre


attend events, retreats, semi-private gatherings, excursions and circles that connect us in our experiences 

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