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lifestyle intel for birth-based brilliance

Blue Smoke

healing therapies

experiential tuning for transformation & liberation 

Colored Space

emotional intelligence

guided rewiring in relational wealth & emotional growth

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creative truthtelling

elevated multi-media for expansive minds

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I am Stacy Patrice, a self proclaimed sapiosensitive™ and extroverted artistic outlier with seemingly inspired responsive moments of expression on a myriad of stages.

I have intensely studied the depths of human behavior, identity, divinity and operations who elevates through telling the truth.  

I created community to heal the most subtle parts of self that I understand as SOUL

Wisdom is Queen, as it holds all of the detailed context beauty sacredness and meaning--without it, we're just doing. 

 TRANCEdisciplinary artist, identity-based conSOULtant, wisdom teacher and intuitive soul technician.

I am the creator and premier provider of 'self love and soul healing' experiential education, helping you move beyond physicality to reclaim, activate, feel and actualize the higher states within.

I utilize decades of coaching, education, expression & experience to evoke presence from those I collaborate with, mentor, teach and tune.

Welcome to the royal soul path. 

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