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lifestyle intel for birth-based brilliance

A soul strengthened of many experiences,
will be conversant of many paths.

Stacy Patrice speaks to the multi mind seeking union and specializes in reading, intuiting and communicating the divinity and interconnection of all things: symbols, memories, timing, encounters, quests, feelings, urges, habits, lovers, environments, visions and other forms of soulspeak.  These 1:1 guided wisdom conSOULtations are SOULCENTRIC, working with the layers of your brilliance and personal design based on your birth details and are designed to introduce relevant shifts and SOULutions for you.


I delve into the identity and integrated brilliance of you, your learning, what you do, what you desire, what isn't working, what your ideas are and consider viable routes to expand your consciousness and flow into alignment. These are birth-based 1:1 lifestyling conSOULtations, created to illuminate SOULutions customized for your level of inquiry and life circumstances, as intuited and connected by me as your SOULCENTRIC guide.



Yogic Astrology/Jyotish and Human Design are the main two systems utilized for Identification of soul experience factors for your sessions. Stacy also often uses her knowledge in psychospitituality, organizational behavior, soul healing, medical astrology, behavioral synastry, herbalism, metaphysics and more to provide customized guidance during your session. In this conversational style session, Stacy dives deep into your details ahead of time so you have more time during the session to journey your chart. have epiphanies, share and ask questions.

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Identifying Guidance Session

Who you are between the lines is a critical conversation to have and explore. This session is an informal storytelling of your life utilizing yogic astrology, design profile, archetypal systems, natural magnetic symbology as intuited by Stacy Patrice.

Image by Nikolay Kovalenko

Personal Wellness Tuning Session

This session focuses on a deeper look into your health and wellness practices utilizing constitutional types, energetic   systems, seasonal habits, the use of plants and herbs and knowledge of tuning rituals and practices. 

Image by Damon Hall

Lovers Synastry Session

This is a relational session looking at the unique energy dynamics between you and your partner, in the context of love and conflict whether you are dating, in relationship, married or on the verge of decision for a new stage of relationship. 

Image by Michael Green

Self Love & Alignment Session

The issues are literally stacking up against your current capacity and you need an intervention and a sacred space to just be heard, recentered and recharged with a plan for an emotionally intelligent way to proceed and love yourself back into being.

Image by Ilya Shishikhin

Leadership Strategy Session

Leaders identify when something isn't working and a shift needs to be honored. These focused sessions clarify strategies in business branding, operational flow, professional development, team leadership and other desires for innovative SOULutions.

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Transformative Travel Session

Whether you are an avid traveler or just getting started, this session specializes in travel as a ritual. Your preferences and intention are aligned with specific location/s for solo travel, retreat planning, sacred site visitation and the timing of it all. 

Image by Tom Spross

Soulmating Client Initiating Session

You are ready to explore dating as a currently single person but you'd like to explore in real life matches, off the apps, guided by an emotionally intelligent, cosmically compatible, soulcentric approach, in consideration of your consciousness of self. 

First time SOULCENTRIC conSOULts are booked on site.

Weekly, monthly or quarterly continuations must be requested and assessed for fit based on the initial conSOULt in the area of interest. 

Each conSOULt is virtual and recorded for your review.

Please note the style of session desired and have your birthtime ready to book now with the button below:

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