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A spiritual ACTIVation iN MULTIDIMENSIONAL Identity


SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2018 :: 1-7pm

The Wolf is an intuitively powerful teacher that asks us to come from out of the shadows of our emotions and beyond the comfort of our fears to step into visible, courageous leadership, and adapt, from a soul space.  Yes, we are powerful beyond measure and often feared for this very trait, but are we living in true empowerment or just pleasing the groups we were 'assigned' and born into?  For all that is attempting to emerge from within us, who is 'the individual' leading that journey and is that voice we hear, our own? Its divine time for renewed leadership, and time is of your essence. On the spiritual path, your work may often go unnoticed; the time you put in may seem invisible, but you must forge the path to yourself by superseding the limitations you've been offered.

You must awaken the Aware Wolf.  


AWARE WOLF is a fiercely natural activation created by Stacy Patrice, to honor our wild spirit surviving on its own and forage a multidimensional identity toward freedom. There is true magic to override circumstances and it begins with attuning with the highest call of nature and accessing our sacred instincts to know the terrain.  We are headed into the expanse of nature for an activation that will begin to reveal the divine complexity of our Inner Selves and resolve with heightened awareness, who we truly are. We are not lost. We have just abandoned 'the wild'. Our journey on Saturday September 22, provides us excellent timing to illuminate our life cycle with deepened wisdom by emptying out our personal debris and starting fresh with a clearing reset for balance, hours before the Autumnal Equinox. We join in commUNITY for personal outcomes in multidimensional restructuring.


We intend to clear from the inside out while drawing the natural outside, in. 


We are going IN.

We will collectively head True North for a 'spiritual foraging' of identity, as hosted and guided by Stacy Patrice. 

The great outdoors will be our backdrop in expanding territory. We by far are not 'roughing it', but we will journey through the following benefits: 

Awakening the Wolf

Medicine Wheel Magic

Resources for Foraging Identity

Trek into 'The Wild'

Dismantling Illusion (3D) 

Upper Chakra Activations

Welcoming Multidimensional Change

We will learn, explore, share, witness, be still, move, record, identify, intuit, just do it and find our way HOME. 

In order to attend this event, you MUST be willing to:

put your phone down :)


embrace the mystery


regard and respect the outdoors as home for a few hours


walk for extended periods of time in a mostly guided setting


drive and/or car pool/ride to our location

bring and/or wear required items such as:

blanket or chair

weather appropriate gear

hiking boots/walking shoes


refillable water container


A spiritual ACTIVation iN MULTIDIMENSIONAL Identity


SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2018 :: 1-7pm

Includes Aware Wolf Experience & Facilitation, Entry, Parking & Trail Snacks. 

Only 20 slots available. Registration closes September 19th.

Register Your Space Below. 

**Rain or shine event, with equally effective but alternate activity plans in the case of heavier rain. Please dress accordingly. There is shelter, food and restrooms at our locale. Food is not included in registration but food can be brought on site or purchased on site. No glass allowed. Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions. All attendee and location info is solely given to registered participants. Maps and site specifics will be provided by email the week of the event. In-city pick-up point arranged as necessary to ensure all attendees have a ride to location regardless of car ownership. An email communication will be sent out to arrange/confirm. Estimated travel time is included.

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