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Image captured by David Anthony Geary


Sacred Feminine Fire!

A Fiercely Empow(h)ered Women's Activation

CHICAGO :: SATURDAY JUNE 16TH, 2018 :: 9am-4pm



I built this retreat in fully acknowledging that there are mysteries of the Feminine that reveal themselves to you, only when you do.

For years, we as women have habitually directed our creative power, goodness and nurturing toward the material demonstration of our success and status more than toward the innate beauty of ourselves and our enjoyment of it, as if we'd ever get that appreciation from anywhere else, first. Our feminine sovereignty is being weeded right here in our own gardens unexplored, unexpressed, unfulfilled and undervalued because we create little time for our innermost selves. Being busy, bossy and buried in staunch responsibility,  is a mistaken representation of the feminine. This is the best reason to fiercely revel in the innate unification of the Sacred Feminine, now. 


Sacred Feminine Fire is a call to the empow(h)ered woman desiring to live balanced in her spectrum--all of her aspects, archetypes, phases and facets that beg of her understanding and inclusion. Some need reclaiming, others need evolving but all deserve sacred exploration and  activation. On June 16th, my intention is to facilitate a day of soul nurturance specifically designed for my women sisters by serving my hearty gumbo of energetic upgrades in self-nurturance, spiritual elevation and reclaimed pleasure so that we may all collectively connect with our innate natures, drop those inspired gems and let it all hang out in the name of feminine liberation!  I look forward to helping you light your fire and spending a glorious, pleasurable time in bloom on June 16th in Chicago! 

With  Love, 

Stacy Patrice


Self Love & Personal Radiance

Sensuality & Tantric Relationships

Identity & Soul Connections

Creative Fertility

Movement & Sonic Power

Cosmic Womb & Yoni Activation

Womanifesting In Stillness

Sourcing Unabashed Divinity


Plus...A plant based meal & elixir


A supportive circle of pow(h)erful sistren


Adorn yourself and wear loose regal wears--think a long dress or two piece with long skirt in your preferred colors of Feminine Fire (yellows, oranges, purples, white--whatever your energizing color is) and make sure that you can move and rest freely in it. 

In addition, bring a yoga mat, textile or other bolster/cushion for support for sitting. 

The rest of your day will be taken care of.

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