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Living The Dream!

A lucid activation in Soul Healing

with Stacy Patrice

April 13-19, 2020

Sacred Valley, Peru

This is an invitation to step inside of my dream and join me for my newest  experience, LIVING THE DREAM- A lucid activation in Soul Healing, in Peru. This is a spiritual activation designed to stimulate a collective heightened state of consciousness within the dreamlike, mystical esthetic that is Peru.


Being with a group in Peru has been a dream of mine for some time, in my overnight dreams and in my waking life. It is my joy to spend 6 scenic nights of Soul Healing with you experiencing Peru. My intention is provide an environment to truly activate your dreams, while you experience facets of them during our retreat, draw the wisdom of our collective into focus and have all of the inspiration imaginable surrounding you.


This retreat merges scenic beauty, sacred ceremony, transformative ritual and otherworldly adventure to awaken consciousness with environment-specific yogic practices, locally inspired creative expressionism, spiritual excursion to ancient sites and dreaming integration to get lucid. Enjoy the stimulation and inspired rest inside the culture of Peru, with me as your distinguished guide. 

Read on for all of the beautiful details included in your stay. 

I cant wait to meet you in April for this dreamy activation.


Stacy Patrice


Your six night accommodation is in Peru's Sacred Valley, at our modern and Peruvian owned yoga center which was selected as our home for its connection with the limbs of yoga, its promotion of focused rest, comfort & balance, its abundant natural scenery and unreal uninterrupted views.


Your all-inclusive stay features a yoga shala set in stunning view of the mountains, a picturesque community eating area, resting lounge, bonfire pit and all you'd need to remain in respect of nature, the daily practices and the magic of the cosmos. Vegan and vegetarian food is prepared three times daily by our chef using local produce grown in the surrounding garden. Additional teas and fruit are available throughout the stay.

The bungalow that awaits your dreams is either a triple or double accommodation, preference of co-ed or not, themed in connection with one of the 7 chakras, offering a stone shower with crystal skylight, coordinated flowers, rocks and walkway designed in the colors of its specific energy center and connected to the rest of the property through sacred geometry.  


With the expertise of our retreat staff, the experience of our retreat guides and the beauty of our surroundings accented with mountains, sprawling valley, starry skies, hummingbird fields and community--all the dreamy inspiration the land has to offer is literally in your view. 

OUR DREAMY practice

Our on-site yoga shala, will host our morning dream circles, workshops and daily Soul Healing Yoga™ immersives led by Stacy Patrice.  Imagine leaving your bungalow and floating over to our scenic shala to learn to breathe, ground and go within, before we step out. Focused fluidity. Explore the heart and soul of your yoga practice in the most beautiful panaromic space in the mountains imaginable, to inspire your dreaming off the mat.  

Our yoga shala is stocked with props, which--along with your yoga mat and Stacy's world class instruction--will support your access to additional postures outside of your regularly practiced ones. All levels of practice are guided into a consistent deepening daily, moving through the nuances of yogic limbs and inspiration of the chakras to guide you through. During your stay and you are encouraged to find your best practice here.


Experience the wisdom of your dreams and physical embodiment synced with the finest elements of environment.


Your retreat includes participation in all ceremonies and excursions including: 

Welcome Shamanic Despacho Ceremony

Machu Picchu

Pisac Market

Maras & Moray 

Evening Bonfire Satsangs

Garden Walk & Herbal Integration

Closing Ceremony

...and all activities and creativities including:

Pottery Making & Painting

Daily Dream Circles

Soul Healing Yoga™: Postures, Pranayama, Meditation & Somatics


During your free time and space, you may rest, order services and/or elect additional adventures for your exploration such as spa services, painting, Peruvian cooking class, additional nature excursions and off-site meals for an additional cost. Your host and retreat staff can provide preferred suggestions in locations and transportation for your enjoyment.


*These additional services are not included in your retreat costs but may be booked in advance or spontaneously as available during free time, while there.

ready to live the dream?


A Lucid Activation In Soul Healing

with Stacy Patrice

April 13 – April 19, 2019

Sacred Valley, Peru

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