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time travelin

A Soul Healing SOULstice : YEAR 5

Hosted by Stacy Patrice,

the soul healing community, 

REBUILD FOUNDATION & the ancestors

SATURday December 21st, 2019

the stony island arts bank


7-1 0 p

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; a moment of grand insight and alignment with the cosmos to take one more look at our lives in preparation for our rebirth to come, as we witness the not-so subtle darkness turn toward a gradual daily increase in light.  

I created A Soul Healing SOULstice ™ five years ago, from my desire to warmly gather in sacred activation with like-minded lightbodies, for a year-end celebration. This synergistic intention empowers us to collectively reimagine, share, give, create, engage and grow into the deeper expanse of our birthright. We close out our shadow period of ending cycles while aligning our intentions for healthy new beginnings during this ancient sacred gateway at the onset of winter. 

For the past 4 years we have gathered in exploration of mantras that engage us into expressive activation across connections. Our Year 5 theme, Time Travelin comes in divine time to context where we've been, how we got here, where we've allowed ourselves to go, what we let go of   and where we are headed.  This night of created synergy in purpose brings an activated awareness that can help us all to clarify experiences and travel in that clarity.

Its time to rise and I hope you answer the collective call!

Join us for this living, breathing Soul Healing gift.

In receptivity of this gift, you must exchange one.

(deets below) 

See you on Saturday 12.21.

Love Always, SP.




12.21.19 7-10pm  

630 doors. seat. eat.

seven hour

vibes by dj sean alvarez

opening ceremony : be here now

collective visioning & vocalization

in memory of & toast

eight hour

design of the next decade

state of exchange

20/20 vision collective forecast

how we got here : the illuminated seat

nine hour

the premiere of emBODY SOUL mini doc

panel & exchange

where we travelin in 2020

gratitudes & closing ceremony in i am

collaborative video project for us by us

palate pleasers served til exhausted

stony island arts bank : 6760 s. stony island


Each attendee is required to bring a gift to share, for our commUNITY exchange table. Each gift given will be exchanged with a gift of your choosing in return. Suitable gifts are purchased, gently used and undamaged (should be ready to wear, use as if brand new), repurposed or handmade. You are also invited to extend a monetary donation and/or a special gift for your host in exchange for the efforts to bring this free sacred celebration to our commUNITY. You may wrap, bag or leave your gift unwrapped. Wear your brights, in other words, bring the light! 

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a soul healing SOULstice™ is a love based collaborative community effort.

we look forward to connecting with you on the 21st!


images from SOULstice copyrighted by austin pope.


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