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A Soul Healing SOULstice : YEAR 6

MONDAY December 21st, 2020


I created A Soul Healing SOULstice ™ six years ago, from my desire to warmly gather in sacred activation with like-minded luminaries on this dark night, for a year-end illumination in gratitude where we are empowered to collectively reimagine, share, give, create, engage and grow into the deeper expanse of our birthright and integrate it forward into the unknown. 


Over the years we have definitely gone deep together in person and re-imagining this year wasn't obvious but in review of this year's events, our Year 6 theme, of #LovingLouder leapt out. This year at the Grand Conjunction we expand together online in divine time to context all the gifts 2020 has offered and pause before we lift our love and light to louder levels to proceed. 


This year I am honoring those I consider to be beautiful examples of #lovinglouder in their personal paths and have been curating a vault of wisdom conversations with them that shine light on how they got loud enough in that love to impact and share it with others. Join us here online, Monday December 21st for access to the vault + join me on Instagram for the live ceremony during this ancient sacred gateway at the onset of our new season and upcoming new year.

Salud & Love Always, SP.







This vault is a Soul Healing SOULstice curation that holds the stories from our 2020 Luminaries, in conversational flow with Stacy Patrice, shining light on how they have been tasked in Loving Louder, straight to your heart. Stories in adaptive creativity, feminine exaltation, sacred masculine responsibility, silence & stillness, parenting, repatriation, self expansion, family/lineage and heart medicine all await your attention and integration.


We are intentional commUNITY, this night in 2020. Subscribers will get an email welcoming you to this year's SOULstice once the vault becomes available. Kick back with some elixirs, this lightwork and loving environment and select from the vault which messages you wish to prioritize, when you choose to listen to them and how often you are inspired by them into loving louder.



In addition to our pre-recorded vault, let's join each other for a ceremonious address to move us forward, from Stacy's Instagram streaming LIVE at 6pm CST on 12.21.20. Let's celebrate and connect one more time in unison and amplify our energy. 


Join and exchange the energy and consideration of this annual event by giving back. It's a nod of yes for all the treasure you find. You can support Loving Louder by joining with a $20 suggested minimum donation or you can provide additional to what you feel is commensurate to the blissings incoming.  Thank you for donating to this online experience thus, saying yes to bringing more sacred sharing to our commUNITY.   

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a soul healing SOULstice™ is a GENEROUS love based collaborative community CELEBRATION, DESIGNED FOR YOUR ASCENSION. we look forward to connecting with you on the 21st!


SOULstice group images copyright by austin pope.

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