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"We don't need more
yoga mat teachers.
we need more
yoga embodied leaders."
~Stacy Patrice

I am Soul Yogini Stacy Patrice, healing artist and master practitioner of yoga science and soul consciousness. I am the premier provider of 'self love and soul healing' education, guiding you to activate your highest truth, through daily ritual.


I utilize my breadth and depth of education & experience in yoga psychology and practice, movement, emotional intelligence, identity defining, life styling rituals, metaphysics, cosmic divining, mystical integration and psychospiritual expression, to acknowledge your shadows and embody your light through my teaching, facilitation and tuning. 

If you've ever been on a journey with me, you already know that we practice from the inside out. This lifestyle mentorship will emphasize moving beyond just practicing on your mat. I'll walk with you through the foundations of your story and share how to progress in your transformation. 


I am so ready to share with you and I can't wait to see what you are inspired to create in your living story.


siab guided meditation 040619-6149.jpg


It is truly a pleasure that you are here.

The Soul Healing Yoga™ Lifestyle Mentorship with Soul Yogini Stacy Patrice is an online and off-the-grid spiritual lifestyle mentorship, for you to learn and experience the true definition of yoga. 

You already practice yoga regularly and may even instruct it, but how connected is that skillset to the other areas of your life today? This is an invitation to invest in yourself and get unstuck from just your mat. Develop in the work beyond the optics of 'yoga', by diving into the depths of what it truly means to 'yoke' and be supported in the 'union'. 


In this mentorship you will journey through your understanding of self in real time, teaching you to connect the dots in your story, healing & consciousness through disciplined awareness.   This will help you redesign your core practice of action from the essence of your soul.

Sunday Service

This Mentorship Includes

Weekly Lives

You'll meet your mentor and cohort online weekly for our Sunday 'lives' to learn your modules, make connections, share and receive assignments, ask questions about your journey, receive guidance, study and go over some practices together. Calls are recorded for review. 

Guided Modules

You are provided with documents, links and anytime/anywhere guided recordings featuring your mentor, introducing new material for you to replay, follow, and understand. These resources and training, practice & guidance sessions build from your personal practice for growth and expansion.

Soul Circle Support 

Your cohort is offered online as a confidential circle of trust for safety and boundless support in learning and engaging in holistic practices. No matter where you live or have to go during the mentorship, your mentor, cohort and invited guests are here for you, connected privately online. 

Assignments & Presentation

Each mentee will receive advance assignments for ritualized work outside of the weekly lives and will be expected to complete them on schedule for cohesion. This work culminates into a final 'Art of Living' presentation on the designed lifestyle practice of each mentee in the cohort. 

Church Choir in Purple

In this Mentorship You will LEARN

-Foundational yoga philosophy (limbs, styles)

-Soul Healing Yoga™ philosophy and integration

-Spinal care, postural and anatomical awareness

-Self Love & Soul Healing centering practices

-A key to 33 essential foundational postures

-Fundamentals of movement and key practices

-Energetic science behind your yoga practice

-The language of your experience in layers

-Breathwork and meditation practices

-Seasonal alignment and elemental lifestyle rituals

-Science and stories of the major chakras

-How to explore daily practices to support you

-The gifts of service through contributing study

-How to complete a contributing project 

-Art of Living™ extended philosophy

-Layering of self love and subtle energy dynamics 

-Off-the-mat practice translations

-Exploring your soul identity and embracing it

-Mind-body metaphysics and practice psychology 

-Posture interconnections and sequencing styles

-Advanced pranayama and meditation techniques 

-How your practice informs your Soul Story evolution

-How to serve your loved ones from your learning

-*Wisdom Satsang with selected guest/s

-How to move from foundation to expression

-To customize and build a 1-of-1 life practice

-Build & finalize an intentional lifestyling project

...and so much more connectivity and personal long term resonance that cannot be quantified


The outlined schedule for this mentorship includes weekly live calls, ceremony and final presentations (assignments are given during the lives).

All sessions take place on Sundays 1-3pm CST

 Opening Satsang & Ceremony September 29th


Live Mentorship Sessions 

October 6, 13, 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17, 14

December 1, 8, 15, 22, *29 (*tentative)

January 5, 2025

Final Presentations January 12 & 19, 2025


Closing Satsang & Ceremony January 26, 2025

Invited Guest dates TBD

Interim session support credentials provided to registered mentees.


The focus of this mentorship is more on you than your mat.

No matter what you already do with your life,

this mentorship will teach you to reflect and focus on what to choose in this life. 



This mentorship works the mind, in its connection to the body, with their natural and altered relationships to the soul.  This is not a passive process and where you are on your journey in regard to letting assistance in, is relevant to your participation in the process.

Although this mentorship is left open for you to choose engagement, please be mindful that the resources, time and space from your registration are non refundable and are utilized to assist you in the expectation to be all in. 


To enroll in this mentorship

you agree that for the scheduled dates you have:

-at least six months prior experience in your own personal yoga mat practice

-a strong interest in change agency and investment in yourself 

-space in your life that allows you to be present, practice and produce results

-availability of 4-6 hours per week to dedicate to study, assignment and lives

-a dedicated space for your practice and our lives or the will to develop one

-digital access for the lives (Zoom), learning and final presentation

-a blank journal for documenting your journey *more details TBA*

-an intention to participate honestly with your cohort and without harm

-integrity to keep all copyrighted material and cohort conversations confidential

-dedication to complete the mentorship to the finish line

Click below to agree and register for 

the Soul Healing Yoga™ Lifestyle Mentorship

  • Mentorship Full

    Enroll now and pay in full.
    Valid for 4 months
    • Yoga based mentorship in self love & soul healing
  • Mentorship Pay Plan

    Every month
    Enroll now and split cost over 5 monthly installments.
    Valid for 5 months
    • Yoga based mentorship in Self Love & Soul Healing

Confirmations and credentials will be sent to the email address associated with your payment. Registration closes when select spots are filled. All payments are non refundable and registrations non-transferrable.

Payment plans are automatically deducted monthly at your enroll date. 

We have what is shaping up to be quite a challenging year ahead and I have consciously organized the timing of this mentorship, to be a safe space of thought leadership, exploration and support for us to begin navigating our challenges in a clearer, more united togetherness.


This tuning primer in 'self love and soul healing', is also an energetic bridge from 2024-2025, building  support from your mentor, cohort and invited guest/s. I consider this amongst the best investments of your time and energy as we close out this year and transfer this knowledge, to the next.


The members of this next cohort are primed to fearlessly lead in light, armed with the knowledge and experience that illuminates their autonomy in the world and how to infuse that practiced perspective into everything surrounding them. 

If you are feeling it is time to take a deep look inside, time to connect with others in your truth, time to transform your practice, time to go beyond focusing on just the physical, time to move on from what you thought into knowing what is best, I look forward to working with you inside the 2024 Soul Healing Yoga™ Lifestyle Mentorship. 

Register Above Now to Secure Your Space!

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