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Learn the true definition of yoga through the Soul Healing Yoga™ Immersive Mentorship (SHYIM) with Soul Yogini Stacy Patrice. This six month total online yoga-based immersive mentorship in 'self love and soul healing', now offered in two parts, is divinely designed to help you develop disciplined awareness, utilize a physical practice to guide you inward toward the soul and explore self unlocking of your divine assets, invoking pure presence in mind, body and spirit.


PART ONE: SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 - DECEMBER 21, 2023

PART TWO: DECEMBER 24, 2023 - MARCH 22, 2024

You may already practice yoga but is it specific to you? This is an invitation to invest in yourself beyond the commercial facade of 'yoga' into the soul of this harmonious lifestyle system, prioritizing your inner healing and understanding in your daily intentions and personal practice. This mentorship is a tuning of consciousness aligned with the seasons to connect your growth and wisdom with greater authority and embodiment, while building your intentional core practice.




September 22 - December 21, 2023

Soul Healing Yoga™ Foundations

During Part One, you will learn:

-Foundational yoga philosophy (limbs, styles)

-Soul Healing Yoga™ philosophy

-Postural and anatomical awareness

-Care of the spine and relative systems

-Self Love & Soul Healing centering practices

-30 essential foundational mat postures

-Fundamentals of movement

-Conditioning and flow through postures

-Energetic science behind your yoga practice

-The language of your experience in layers

-Breathwork and meditation

-Soul Healing Yoga™ integration

-Seasonal alignment practices

-Postural practice self adjustments and benefits

-Science and stories of the base chakras w/ anatomy

-How to shape a core practice to support you

-The gifts of service through contributing study

-To complete a 'love to serve' contributing project 


Option to continue:

December 24 - March 22, 2024

Soul Healing Yoga™ Lifestyle Progression

During Part Two, you will learn:

-Art of Living™ extended philosophy

-Layering of self love and subtle energy dynamics 

-More advanced energetic techniques

-Science & stories of the upper chakras

-Off-the-mat practice translations

-Exploring your native identity and embracing it

-Transforming your lifestyle through the practice

-Mind-body metaphysics and practice psychology

-30 additional deepening postures and variations 

-Posture interconnections and sequencing styles

-Advanced pranayama and meditation techniques 

-How your practice informs your Soul Story evolution

-How to serve your loved ones from your learning

-*Wisdom Satsang with selected guest/s

-How to move from foundation to expression

-To customize and build a 1-of-1 life practice

-Build & finalize an intentional lifestyling project



Through our online retreat, your cohort is offered a private, safe and supportive space to learn, inquire, journal, and engage in self-care practices. 



You are provided with anytime/anywhere guided recordings featuring your mentor, introducing new material for you to re/play, follow, and understand. 



You'll meet your mentor and cohort online weekly for our Sunday 'lives' to unpack, connect, ask questions about your journey and practice together.  


" I am Soul Yogini Stacy Patrice, a master practitioner of yoga science and soul consciousness. I am the premier provider of 'self love and soul healing' education, helping you activate the higher states within. I utilize decades of education & experience in yoga psychology, dance, emotional intelligence, identity shaping, wellness rituals, metaphysics, shamanic traditions, mystical integration and psychospiritual expression, to teach and tune. 

If you've ever been on a journey with me, you already know that the bulk of the work happens behind the scenes and this mentorship will be about so much more than practicing on your mat, yet there's also vital science to learn there to take with you as you transform. I'll walk you through the foundations and show you how to progress in this beautiful life practice. 


I created Soul Healing Yoga™ as a moving metaphor for my life and I intend to mentor you in translating it to yours. This masterful 'inside-out-and-back-in' mentorship supports you in building upward from the roots of your mat practice to rise into the beautiful reunion of how you were designed to live. I am so ready to share with you and I can't wait to see what you create. Aha!

Soul Yogini SP


To enroll in Part One of this mentorship you must have:

an interest to invest in yourself

space in your life to be present, practice and produce results

a dedicated space to practice or create one

a personal device to access the app and lives

a blank journal for documenting your journey *more details TBA*

an intention to participate honestly with your cohort

integrity to keep all copyrighted material and cohort conversations confidential

dedication to complete the journey to the finish line, with an option to continue

To agree and register yourself in Part One of SHYIM, click below

Confirmations and credentials will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal. Registration for Part One closes September 10th. We begin with our opening ceremony on Friday September 22nd at 6pm CST. Registration for Part Two opens to already attending mentees in October. 

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